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‘Runner Automobiles’ is a trendy, prominent and trusted local brands in Bangladesh. It is marketed in the local market as well as the production and marketing of motorcycles and three wheelers and four wheelers. This brand Runner bike is now being exported abroad. Some of other motorcycle brands in Bangladesh claim their product is local, considering the motorcycle production of the country’s product and the value that product; runner’s position is above the rest.

Runner Automobiles ltd turned into included as a non-public restrained agency in July 2000 and started out its commercial operation considering the fact that 2000 as an importer and dealer of bikes. Later it was converted as public constrained agency in January 2012, and started the commercial enterprise of manufacturing and promoting the motorbike.

The standard bikes of this brand survive in the equator with strong competition with Japan and Indian brand bike. Several models of this brand are world-class, such as Runner Turbo, Runner Knight Rider. In the other side runner launch the cheapest bike in Bangladesh which called Runner Bike RT. But Runner could not develop as expected in Bangladesh. The main reason for this is that many people compare the runner bike with the Chinese brands quality less bike or think the same, which is totally wrong. It’s a steep ahead as a reliable and local bike manufacturer. The company is now producing 11 motorcycles and is being marketed in different countries including Bangladesh. Of these, 1 sports type and the remaining 10 motorcycles are standard type, which are between 80 to 150 cc. It is much more popular than other local in Bangladesh. Runner also selling heavy duty, light duty and small duty trucks, but their main product motorcycle.

Bikes of Runner Automobiles in Bangladesh are low priced and comparatively comparable to other brands’ bikes. In some cases Runner’s Bid Instalment facility also. This is very useful for the general public, including the normal job holder. Runner Automobiles is also marketing their bikes through their own sales representatives in almost all districts of Bangladesh.

Recently, Runner signed a deal with United Motors (UM) in the United States, adding several world-class bikes to their fleet. These bikes are assembled in Bangladesh. As a result the world-class quality bikes price here are not comparable high. Runner has been working to improve their bikes value and price tolerance in the context of Bangladesh.


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