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Haojue Holdings Limited is one of the best Chine’s motorcycle manufacturers, which was founded at the year 1992. The company found almost at the top of the list that are the quality Chine’s motorcycle manufacture. They are unique because of quality and longer lusting. Haojue products are popular in domestic as well as international market.

  • Haojue Lindy

    • RELEASED: 2015
    • Displacement: 125CC
    • Gear: 4 Speed Manual Gears
    • Top Speed: 80 KM/H
    • Mileage: 52 KM/L
  • Haojue KA 135

    • RELEASED: 2017
    • Displacement: 135 CC
    • Gear: 5-Speed Manual Gears
    • Top Speed: 110 KM/H
    • Mileage: 50 KM/L
  • Haojue Cool 150

    • RELEASED: 2017
    • Displacement: 150 CC
    • Gear: 5-Speed Manual Gears
    • Top Speed: 110 KM/H
    • Mileage: 40 KM/L
  • Haojue DR 160

    • RELEASED: 2019
    • Displacement: 165 CC
    • Gear: 6-Speed Manual Gears
    • Top Speed: 120 KM/H
    • Mileage: 40 KM/L


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